We are LIZANO, good on everything…

The full LIZANO lineup, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Jay Hatchett, guitarist Sal Greco, bassist Evan Stokes and drummer Mike Lopez was formed in the Reno/Tahoe, NV area during fall of 2015.

The origins of LIZANO however trace back to spring of 2013 when Jay traveled north from Costa Rica and met fellow bandmate now lifelong friend, Sal at the Naked Tiger Hostel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Today the band focuses its time on writing and performing original music they like to call

Galactic Reggae & Funk Fusion

This original sound transformed from its original roots of covering bands like Pepper, Sublime and The Expendables while touring Central America, until they blended with funk, jazz and rock influences here stateside.

The struggles of spreading music on the road are real, but being able to reach people in the most meaningful way they know how to, LIZANO is dedicated to bringing its high energy act and positive message everywhere they can.

"But there’s a lot more than just beachy surf vibes coming through as the band progresses through a set of songs that speaks to their reggae, punk, rock and rhythm and blues influences. The instrumentation is complex."     - The Reno News & Review


Surf and Sound Vibrations

Lizano lives a life full of surf, love and laughter.  

Through their music they communicate those experiences to help others that are looking for 'something else', looking to enjoy life and all that it is possible in it.

For those that are stuck in the chains of an average existence...

Listen and follow the Lizano sound, break free and ride the wave.

Lizano is not just a sound, it is a way of life.




Born, Salvatore Greco in Brooklyn, NYC.     
Raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Raised in a family of musicians, he grew up surrounded by a variety of music from Elvis to The Temptations.

It wasn't until Sal received his first Fender Stratocaster from his uncle that he found the silky earth tones that now escape him through the electric guitar.

Now with Lizano, he wants to share a new side of the Blues using Surf Rock and Funk vibes.

Biggest influences to look for in LIZANO Music:

Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Pink Floyd, Pepper & Sublime.




Jay 'Jaysef' Hatchett

Born, Jordon Hatchett in Sacramento, CA.  
Raised in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Born, Jordon Hatchett in Sacramento, CA.  Raised in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

With a drill-sergeant dad that is a mean drummer, Jay grew up to a slightly different beat.

In pursuit of music, he spent three years in Costa Rica evolving from a solo/acoustic artist into an electrifying singer and shredder.  Full of love and enthusiasm to spread it around. 

Biggest influences to look for in LIZANO Music:

Prince, Sublime, Pepper, Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix.



Evan 'Slaps-a-the-bass' Stokes

Born and Raised in Carson City, Nevada

Evan's dad was a drummer and he felt the music in his veins too so decided to take up the Bass.

He started classes for music in the 4th grade and continued through to college. 

After receiving a scholarship to the Berkley College of Music, he chose to pursue a career as head bass slapper for Lizano.

Biggest influences to look for in LIZANO Music:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, Primus, Victor Wooten.

Mike 'MC Drumz' LOPEZ 

Born in Ukiah, California and recently relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada.

With a country music singer for a grandfather who chose ‘family over touring’, Mike was gifted his love for music at 5 years old when he received his first drum set. 

From concert band to original punk rock music, Mike has been playing in bands of all sizes and genres across the west coast for over 20 years.

He’s spent his entire life with sticks in his hands, except for the 4 years following high school, when he decided to put them down and pick up a riffle, joining the U.S. Marine Corps. when he was 18, headed for Iraq. 

Hence 'M.C. Drumz' AKA Marine Corps. Mike.


Casey 'The horn' Smith

           Born and raised in Reno, Nevada. 

Father Steve Smith, radio DJ and local drummer, inspired Casey to play music at a young age, by showing him the great rockstars of his time, and from there his interest in music became his passion. 

After receiving word that LIZANO was looking for a horn section, Casey jumped at the opportunity to play with people that have a passion to bring happiness and good vibes to everyone they meet. 

Biggest influences to look for in LIZANO Music:

Biggest influences: Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Arthur Stewart Farmer.

Where It All Began

Spring 2013, Lizano - not yet named - is born

The serendipity of surf travel could never be more apparent than in the formation of what was to be named Lizano.

While surfing and gigging throughout Nicaragua, Sal was on the final leg of his trip, getting amongst it at The Naked Tiger hostel in San Juan del Sur.

On a border run from Costa Rica, Jay coincidentally had to drop off climbing gear to a travel buddy that happened to be staying at.... The Naked Tiger in San Juan del Sur!

These two surfer/travelers, guitars in hand, attended the same open mic jam night and are still playing together today.

Originally named "Los Locos Olas” -  Spanish for "The Crazy Waves” - they made a commitment to work on a serious sound, pool their talents and grow together as musicians.

Over the last two years, they have had several writing retreats in destinations such as San Clemente, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Alaska and more...

…all to create the Lizano sound and to live the lifestyle they want fans to experience through their music.

Nica Breaky.png


Lizano Verde or Lizano Picante?

"Lizano is a Costa Rican salsa brand that is a staple on the table in the South Nicaraguan/Costa Rica regions."

As a tribute to their bonding and surfing in Central America, Lizano has also become the name of the band.


Now, lets get Saucy!

Catch up on the Lizano Journey here on the Blog.    Stay updated with Lizano on Facebook Here.